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The Woods

In a dream I’m naked in a field of tall grass surrounded by thick woods, birds shout at me from the branches of the trees, and I feel a slight breeze blowing through the woods. I’ve had the same dream for about a month. Each time it begins and ends the same. I’m always naked in the field surrounded by trees.

My alarm wakes me just as I hear a voice calling out to me from somewhere past the trees. I keep imagining, while awake, what he looks like.

I once went back to sleep thinking I’d begin that dream where I left off but all I have is a mini dream about a tower.

I walk to school because it gives me a chance to think. I fixate upon the dream and other things while I slowly walk towards school knowing that someday I’ll be many miles away from this place.

School is a blur of classes. I try to soak up knowledge. I look for ways to learn so that someday I can look back upon these times and smile. I will be able to look back to now and not cry over the names I’m called as I do my best to learn.

After school I walk home allowing the things that I learned that day to marinate.

He stands by a mailbox as I walk towards home. He looks at me as though he’s been waiting for me. He’s wearing a pair of overalls and no shirt. He’s not wearing shoes and I wonder if he’s wearing more than overalls.

He walks off as I approach him as if he were waiting for me to approach him. I continue walking towards home despite the fact that he’s walking the other direction.

He whistles at me after I pass him. I can tell that he’s surprised by the fact that I was not so eager to follow him. After he whistles I turn back towards him. I follow him.

We walk through town on our way somewhere. I’m trying to remover the dream. I’m trying to remember that voice. Is this boy the voice that calls to me from the woods…

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