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I woke up this morning with so much hope, so many plans for my life, so many expectations for my life ahead but then the doubt begins like a shadow always present when I think I’m doing fine.

I wake up to so much potential but this world brings me down. I’m not the one they want to succeed, I don’t fit their idea of anything. I’m just a stranger trying to find my place in a world that doesn’t appreciate being not the same as everyone else.

I do life as best as I can on my own not having someone to guide me through these weird days. I follow no one and no one follows me because where I’m going it’s a lonely place.

Deeper into myself I go to find a source for my creativity. A place of solitude. A place I must go. A place where I find the words to write.

I must ignore the world and the judgement found in living life in a world full of hate and lies.

I wake up to the truth. You pretend to be woke but you’re still full of hate and lies. You can’t see people because all you see are the things that divide. You can’t love because you only want what is best for you alone.

I hope for you to find freedom from your captive mind. Leave behind your empty ways and find love for everyone.

I’m awake now to so many things. Aware that no one out there will give me a chance so I must make my own way to finding my place in this world full of hate and lies.

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