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Roads of Sand

Alone in the dark of night I sit up in bed and peer through the opening in the curtains at the head of my bed. I’m home alone again wondering when they’ll be home.

I listen to the radio and imagine myself as a DJ on the radio. I would play the best music. I often dream while awake. An escape from this life. We live in a small house out in the middle of nowhere.

The fields across the street are my playground. I wander the woods and fields all day. I walk past the old cars rusting out, placed amongst the trees many years ago, now forgotten. I have vivid dreams when I’m on my own.

Beside the house I’ve made a makeshift trail through a pile of sand which I imagine will become a tourist attraction. I once played with my toy cars here. I built roads in the sand.

Sometimes life is like this sand, forever changing. Life keeps moving forward and you can either move with it or against it.

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