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Gernderqueer Series Introduction

Somewhere out there is a boy I plan to marry. He may not be aware of my plans for us now but someday…

I scan the cafeteria for a potential boyfriend. I know that I’ll have to narrow my focus because there’s not that many boys that would want to date a genderqueer “boy” like me.

I sit alone at lunch because no one sits next to the weird ones and I am one of the weirdest. Even my teachers are uncertain how to deal with me. I’m still coming to terms with my identity. I would have called them my labels but labels made me feel like a product on display. I always feel like I’m on display. It’s easy to stand out when you’re genderqueer in the south.

*This like most of my writing on here is a work of fiction. If you want me to continue writing this or any other series please let me know.

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