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A Quick Show

I’m standing inside a gay bar with my hard cock in my hand. Several guys are gathered around me. I’m on display. I’m not certain how I came to be this way. I think I offered to show it to them but I don’t remember why I offered to show my dick to a handful of men in a gay bar. I’m gay myself so it’s not being in a gar bar I’m uncertain about but having my cock out for anyone to see.

I know a couple of these guys but the others are strangers. I’m proud of my dick. It’s gotten me more than a few compliments. Most of the compliments were from old men sucking my dick. It’s a hobby for me.

Everyone is impressed by my cock. No one offers to touch it or anything else. I put it back in my pants. My moment of exhibiting myself was over quickly. The crowd around me disperses.

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