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Puzzle of Life

I sit silent as the sun moves slowly across the sky as though it is moving and not the Earth moving and rotating around the sun. Birds passing on their annual journey to somewhere else. Dogs at the dog park down the street bark as a group of children pass by on their journey from school to home. I imagine so many people on their daily routine unaware of the many things around them.

It’s a day like any other day. I sit watching the street as cars go by with drivers and passengers unaware of me. No one sees what’s not in their bubble. The sphere opinion which their lives revolves like the Earth around the sun they remain in their orbits.

I’m not like most. I’m odd. I’m different. I do not fit in anywhere. Other people are puzzle pieces that have a place in the bigger puzzle of life but I’m the odd shaped puzzle piece that doesn’t fit anywhere in the big puzzle of life.

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