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A Story to be Finished

It’s late into the night when I receive the message. I’ve had profiles on those sites for months but I’ve not used them until recently. The first time was the most difficult.

I would meet them in the parking lot of a drug store nearby because it felt safer. I would walk to the drug store and wait until they arrived. I am always nervous whenever I met some old man like this but the first time was worst.

I chatted with him for a few hours before he offered to come and get me. I sent him dick pics and he sent me some of him though I had no interest in seeing them.

I read the message someone sent me tonight. He’s a guy I’ve chatted with before. He wants to come and get me. I’m horny so I say yes. I’m almost always horny.

He tells me when to meet him. This time I arrange to meet him at the gas station across the street from the drug store. I walk slowly to where I’ll meet another stranger. I’m nervous as usual.

I pace once I’m there. I am uncertain what kind of vehicle to look for. I almost wish that he’d be a no show.

A car pulls up. A guy driving waves at me. It’s him. He’s not as old as the rest of the guys I’ve met.

Inside the car we have small talk. We talk about sex and other things as he drives me to his house. I’m beginning to relax.

Inside his house we walk to the living room where we sit in a sofa.

On his bed…

He drives me back to where he picked me up. I walk home.

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