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These Moments

I paused. It was one of those moments you imagine so many times that when it does happen you can’t believe it’s happening.

We, him and I, were alone for once and I was too nervous to enjoy this once in a lifetime kind of moment.

We were silent for the first few minutes waiting for the other to speak. We began with small talk and by the time we paused for air we were speaking to one another as though we hadn’t just met online.

We were taking a moment of silence between long paragraphs when his hand touched mine. He placed his hand on top of my hand. Our fingers interlaced. Our bodies inched closer together.

It was a perfect moment. It was the moment that could met lead to other moments. We faced each other with next to no room in between. His head moved slowly towards mine.

This is the moment I decided to take a break, a pause, and consider what these moments meant….

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