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Ghost Teacher #104

Ghost Teacher #104

Life is strange. One moment you are living life as if nothing will ever change. you think things will always be the same. I thought that my life would always be as it was before my Dad died. I never imagined not finding him at the kitchen table each morning, him with a cup of black coffee because he’s a coffee purist, reading a newspaper which I find weird since no one else I know reads the newspaper.

We’re in a new town, just the two of us, and we believe that we’ll make it here somehow. We’re beginning a new life: a life full of surprises. I never thought that I would have a ghost teacher. It was a few days before I realized that he was a ghost. The last of the clues that I came across, the biggest of hints, was the plaque in the school’s trophy case with his picture and the year that he had died.

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