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 Ghost Teacher #105

 Ghost Teacher #105

My first Saturday in a new house, a new town, and I woke up from a dream that took place in the old house. In my dream I am trapped in my room. I am trying to get out of my room but the door will not open. I can hear my Dad call for me from another room.

I wake up to the alarm. I have the alarm set to wake me up at the same time each day so that I wake up at the same time every day.

Last night was big. It was a strange experience. I solved the murder and I found the missing time capsule for the town. Today, I am in need of a boring day. I need the expected. I need the usual for usual people. I do not need my usual day.

I make my own breakfast because my mom has recently discovered yard sales. She wakes up early and goes in search of things we don’t need at bargain prices.

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