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Ghost Teacher #110

Ghost Teacher #110

The first time I went into the big house on the hill I was amazed at how much stuff could fit into each room. It was a maze of piles.

I was there to interview the lady that lives in the house about her vast collection of things. Mr. Smith told me about her. No one else in town seemed to know her.

I asked around about her prior to going to the house.

My inquiries were met by a blank stare.

I Today I stand outside her door waiting to speak with her about something that happened the first time I was there.

This being my second time standing on her porch waiting for her to respond to my knocks.
It was a room in the back of the house on the second floor.

It was a small room with a stack of books. There was a large mirror in a corner. She had sent me to this room to fetch a book.

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