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Dreams from Last Night Wednesday, September 01, 2021

A dream:

The room is ordinary but the small door at one end is unusual.

In my dream you go through the door and find yourself back in the roof after some strange experiences.

We watch the car drive down the small street. We’re discussing the two in that car when it swerved violently.

We ran down the street to discover a person had been killed by the car running over them.

We walk around the corner to a store of some kind owned by the people from the car mentioned above.

We ask them about the car and about what happened.

There’s a part of the shop next door. On the other side of a wall with windows.

A child presses their face against the window and the conversation turns to the child.

In my dream I’m in a house with someone else. We live in this house with other people. We’re not allowed outside after dark. He opens a window and walks off into the night after I warn him against leaving.

The window has a large latch, on the outside of the window, which he closed on his way out.

The house next door has large lights on the side of the house. They light up when he leaves the house. I see a person sitting in a chair as I watch these things happen.

Strange dreams are the dreams that I dream most often.

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