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Stacks of books create the walls of a fort with blankets forming a canvas above. We crawl through. We find ourselves in the middle of the day alone together.

We lay together on our backs as we laugh at our efforts surrounding us.

Your fingers linger above my chest. I feel their tips on my bare skin. I’m trying to keep it together. I tell myself to slow down and be in the moment but down below my body is about to explode.

We’ve been more than friends for some weeks now. I’ve counted each encounter like another wish come true.

Your breath against my neck as you nibble. Your tongue against my skin.

These hours together pass so swiftly. I feel the end of all of this is always near waiting to move me on away from you.

You move gently down me. I feel your intentions and I feel your desire pressed into my side. I’m longing for you as much as your longing for me.

I dream of us as lovers, boyfriends, but that’s one step too far for you.

It’s warm and wet. I always do my best to make this keep going. These feelings flow through me. I’m happy to be with you anytime of day or night but when you do what you do I couldn’t imagine life without you.

I know these times will conclude someday. The end to our experiences is quickly approaching. I’m about to go into orbit as I dread the day I’ll not be at your side.

These moments are times I’ve dreamt of so often and knowing it will end makes each second with you more valuable.

I walked out of your life and you didn’t see me leaving. Now the leaves have changed their colors many times. I still remember you but I doubt you remember me.

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