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Dream Dreamt This Morning

I had a strange dream this morning.

It’s now a jumble of moments remembered.

I was in a school and looking at my schedule. I thought in my dream how this school was easier and cheaper than my previous school.

I just wasn’t sure what exactly my next classes would be and I thought that this could’ve be all of it.

After looking at my schedule more I walked to a common area where you can find something to eat.

I don’t recall much from this section except there was an animal of some kind that befriended me so I was unwilling to eat it.

Then there was a guy asking me about a project he was working on.

I was uncertain what he wanted in my dream. He showed me photos and I was thinking that he wanted me to edit them into a video.

There was a stage with a guy in it. He made some weird movements.

I’m leaving out details that I’m uncertain of…

There were performers for this production.

I think they were rehearsing.

I asked a bunch of them if they were the animals.

One of them responded but I don’t recall exactly what he said except it sounded like he didn’t know whether or not he was one of the animals.

I think there was more but those are all of the details that I remember.

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