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Wednesday, February 02, 2022


(The Writer magazine word of the day, 28-day word challenge)

It started off real, it started off strange, hearing voices in the dark, hearing voices In my head as the words said to me float above me like a fog.

A spark catches fire to the past as I burn the edges of memories that haunt me to this day. A collection of times I wanted to run and hide.

But the wicked surrounded me in those times ‘cause they knew the words to say to bring tears to my eyes.

Sometimes you can lie and pretend it never was, those days of torment, but sometimes things will never go away no matter how often we push the tears from the past back down deep where forgotten things live.

I don’t mean to sound like anything, I’m just full of sadness, and I have to get the bitterness off of my mind.

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