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Wednesday , February 23, 2022

Two women sit at the bus stop in front of their favorite grocery store.

Rose and Mary go shopping on the same day each week. They sit and gossip about the characters on their favorite soap operas.

Rose looks around as though she’s never seen this place before.

Rose comments, either to Mary or herself: When did this road become so busy?

Mary is uncertain whether or not Rose is speaking to her.

Mary announces aloud as though she isn’t responding to Rose: it’s always this busy.

Rose looks at her watch.

Rose speaks to no on in particular: The bus will be here soon.

Mary looks down. Mary looks up. Mary looks left. Mary looks right,

Mary whispers to herself: The bus is always late and you always say it’ll be here any minute but it won’t.

Rose says when she doesn’t hear what Mary said: what did you say?

Mary pauses to consider her response.

Mary responds: I think the bus will be here any minute.

Rose retorts: I know, I keep telling you, the bus will be here any minute.

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