Monday, March 14, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred and Ed sit at a bar.

Fred: I heard a joke today.

Ed: You heard a joke?

Fred: Are you going to repeat everything I say?

Ed: I can’t guarantee that but I didn’t repeat you just now.

Fred: Where was I?

Ed: Is this going to take long? I need to hit the head.

Fred: That’s what he said… I just remembered a joke I heard in line at the coffee shop…

Ed: What was that joke?

Fred: I can’t remember the rest of it. All I know is that this one guy would say, “That’s what she said,” whenever the other guy said something.

Ed: But you said he said instead of she said.

Fred: I thought he said sounds better than she said being gay and it’s easier to say.

Ed: Now, what about the first joke you were about to tell?

Fred: Other joke?

Ed: The joke you heard today.

Fred: The joke I heard today. Let me think. Two cows walk into a milk bar or is it barn or is it two dogs walk beside a fire hydrant?

Ed: Why don’t you think about it while I have another pint?

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