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Thursday, March 24, 2022

The ordinary and boring adventures of a gay teenage zombie boy, maybe, definitely not worth reading but if you must:

I may not alway have time to narrate what’s happening, try to keep up and follow my lead. I mean keep up with me.

Drive in movie theater:

He’s here somewhere. Waiting to watch the classic movie that’s playing tonight. I followed him here.

It’s a movie about car made from a time machine. I mean a time machine made from a car. It’s one of my favorite movies.

I was attempting to approach him all day but it never worked. Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday.

In case there’s the slightest chance for dialogue between us I’ll refer to myself as Zombie Boy and him as simply The Boy. I hope to replace those with actual names once I know his name and if I ever remember my name.

I didn’t lose him. I just can’t find him again. I had to use the restroom. Yes, we still use the restroom.

Wait. I see him. He’s sitting on the hood of a car alone.

It’s now or never or maybe later or another day.

Car hood:

Zombie Boy: Hey!

No response.

Zombie Boy: Hey!

The Boy; Hey?! Who are you?

Internal monologue of Zombie Boy: I didn’t consider him asking me my name. Should I make up one?

Zombie Boy: I’m… I’m…

The Boy: While you’re thinking about it, I’m Alex.

Zombie Boy: I think I’m Thomas.

Alex, formerly known as The Boy: Want to join me?

Thomas, formerly known as Zombie Boy: Yes, I believe I do.

Thomas looks around.

I think he’s my density. I mean my destiny.

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