Saturday, March 26, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred and Ed sit at a bar.

Fred: Do you remember school?

Ed: I hated taking showers at school. Waiting for the rest of the guys to finish so I could shower alone.

Fred: What were you afraid of?

Ed: Being in there with everyone and getting a woodie. I knew I would if I saw them naked. I always got one when I saw some of them fully clothed.

Fred: It didn’t bother me. I quite enjoyed seeing all of those dicks. All of the shapes and sizes. I also have a big one so I was proud to show it off.

Ed: You didn’t.

Fred: I was so proud of my cock that I showed it to everyone on our senior trip.

Ed: I remember that. That’s one reason I followed you to this bar.

Fred: I still don’t understand why they kept calling me Jimmy.

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