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Monday, March 28, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred and Ed sit at a bar.

Fred: Do you remember your first sexual experience?

Ed: Is that a trick question? Are you going to get jealous?

Fred: That night with you in the restroom of this bar. The first night we met was mine.

Ed: I always thought you were the more experienced of the two of us.

Fred: When was your first experience?

Ed: Elementary school. Boy’s restroom. He was older. He wasn’t the best of students so he was a couple of years older than his grade and he was a few grades my senior.

Fred: What was it like?

Ed: Think of cows. He was already producing milk and I was dry.

Fred: You we’re too young to produce anything.

Ed: I know, but I got plenty of milk that year.

Fred: That was your first experience? I feel like such a novice compared to you.

Ed: That was just the first of a few experiences I had growing up.

Fred: I don’t know how you did it. I was always too shy and nervous to approach other boys especially older boys.

Ed: I never approached them. They always found me, somehow.

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