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Saturday, April 02, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred and Ed sit at a bar.

Fred: They’re closing the bar for a few days next week.

Ed: What?

Fred: While you were hitting the head the bartender said they’d be closed for some remodeling.

Ed: Why would they do something like that?

Fred: You do realize this place hasn’t changed since we’ve been coming here?

Ed: That’s part of the charm and character of this old bar.

Fred: You never notice anything out of place in the restroom?

Ed: The lack of paper and when there’s paper it’s more like sandpaper.

Fred: You haven’t noticed the blue tarp where there was once a ceiling?

Ed: I thought it looked odd but I figured it was a new paint job.

Fred: What are we sitting on?

Ed: Barstools?

Fred: Really? You didn’t notice we’ve been sitting on tall dining chairs?

Ed: Now that you mentioned it. Maybe.

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