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Sunday, April 03, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred and Ed sit at a bar.

The bar is almost empty.

Fred: Busy night.

Ed: Yeah, it’s a good thing we now have reserved seating.

Mary and Rose enter the bar.

Mary and Rose walk over to the bar next to Fred and Ed.

Mary: This place is dead.

Fred: You should see it when it’s not busy.

Rose: Are you Fred and Ed?

Ed: That’s what the plaques say.

Mary: I’m Mary and that’s Rose.

Ed: Take a seat and stay awhile.

Mary: Are you the top queens of this castle?

Fred: You won’t find anyone else with their name on a plaque.

Rose: It’s good to have goals and dreams.

Ed: We’re living the dream.

Thomas and Alex enter the bar.

Ed: Looks like there’s fresh meat tonight.

Mary: What are we? Old hens?

Fred: I was thinking it but you said it.

Thomas and Alex walk over.

Thomas: When does this place officially open?

Fred: A few hours ago. Are you two old enough to be on here?

Ed: Are you the entertainment for the night?

Alex: You probably say that to all of the guys under 50.

Rose: These two are celebrities here.

Thomas: Who?

Rose; These two gentlemen that are imagining the two of you sans clothing.

Mary: They have plaques on the bar with their names.

Thomas: I’m Thomas and he’s my future husband, Alex.

Fred: Aren’t you a little young to be getting married?

Alex: we’d rather not wait until we’re your age.

Ed: How presumptuous of you?

Alex: We could tell when we first glanced in your direction the two of you are a couple and the two of you are a couple.

Fred: It could be because the bar we’re in.

Thomas: How do we get some music playing and get the night started?

Ed: Slow down, You’re giving Fred and I ideas you may not be thinking.

Alex: We’re not interested in group play.

Mary: You’re kind of experienced to be so young.

Thomas: Not really. We do have Google.

Ed: I’m going to get the music started. When I get back I want to see some dancing.

Alex: If you think you can keep up, you can dance with us.

Ed: I think I’ll just watch.

Fred: You really don’t want to see him dancing.

Ed: Is that a challenge?

Ed walks over to the old jukebox.

Music plays.

Alex: The music is old but we can work with it.

Mary: Old? This music is new to us.

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