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Sunday, April 03, 2022

The ordinary and boring adventures of a gay teenage zombie boy, maybe, definitely not worth reading but if you must:

Zombie Boy: Thomas

The Boy: Alex

Thomas and Alex walk into a bar.

It hasn’t seen patrons in years.

Thomas: This place looks quaint.

Alex: Fancy word for old and dusty.

Thomas walks over to the bar.

Thomas: Look, two plaques on the bar.

Alex: Who puts plaques on bars?

Thomas wipes the dust from the plaques.

Thomas: Apparently Fred an Ed were worthy of having plaques.

Alex and Thomas walk out of the bar.

Zombie Fred and Zombie Ed stagger into the bar from the restroom.

They sit in their places at the bar,

They look at one another.

Fred: Why did we hide?

Ed: I thought they were here to have sex.

Fred: Maybe, they’ll come back and have sex?


Zombie Mary and non-zombie Rose watch The Wheel in their living room.


Mary: They should have a Zombie week.

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