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Sunday, April 10, 2022

A boy travels to a new town with his mom shortly after the death of his father, where he meets a teacher that may or may not be a ghost.

These stories of what may or may not have happened or are happening or could be happening if things like this happened are the stories of a fictitious town with fictitious people living ordinary lives in an less than ordinary town.

Welcome to a town unlike any town you could ever imagine. This very day our population is growing by two.

A boy and his mom. Her husband, his father, died recently and his mom thought it would be good for the two of them to change settings and have a new start.

She could no longer live in that house with the many memories of the three of them and the life that was their life but now everything has changed because one of them is no longer here.

She drives their overloaded car while the moving van travels the countryside somewhere out there in the dark of night. The moving van and most of their possessions will arrive at their new home but it won’t be this week or next week but months from now.

Their names will be presented at some point in the future but for now let’s watch them as they drive into town and somehow locate the once vacant house that is at the core to a mystery and the history of a town full of mysteries and history.

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