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Sunday, April 10, 2022

A boy with a dream of singing meets his father, a famous country singer, after believing he was dead all of his life.

This famous country singer is in the process of drinking his career into oblivion unless he can write a new hit song.

The two will meet. These stories are truly made up based upon fictional accounts of fictional characters. The names have not been changed because the characters are imaginary.

He sings in the aisles of the small grocery store in which he works until his boyfriend surprises him.

He sings because he dreams of becoming a famous singer but he fears the failure that he’s certain is waiting for his first real attempt at singing in a public, non karaoke, place.

He boyfriend is the one thing that keeps him going forward despite the fear and doubt.

They kiss briefly. They are happy. They don’t know that their lives are about to change and this change will begin with two tickets to the local fair.

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