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Monday, April 11, 2022

The town that traveled in time due to an error made by the scientists of the secret military base located beneath a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The following stories take place before and after the time traveling town traveled through time.

Evening. This story begins one evening. It was a cloudless evening. Beneath the town there was a small group of scientists working late. Above the scientists, in the small town above, most of the people were home preparing or waiting for dinner.

A group of friends are away from their families in the space they have found refuge from their strict parents.

Two boys are on their own. They, like most nights when the group meets, have found a reason to be away from the rest of the group.

Their boyfriends. The rest of the group knows they’re boyfriends but no one speaks about it.

Twin brothers are absent from the group tonight but their story is for another series.

The group hangs around not knowing what is taking place many feet beneath their feet.

The boyfriends are occupied. The rest of the group is too caught up in casual conversation to hear the distant sounds of machinery.

In a few hours they and the rest of the town will go to bed not knowing that they would wake up over forty years into the future.

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