Saturday, April 23, 2022

A boy travels to a new town with his mom shortly after the death of his father, where he meets a teacher that may or may not be a ghost.

These stories of what may or may not have happened or are happening or could be happening if things like this happened are the stories of a fictitious town with fictitious people living ordinary lives in an less than ordinary town.

Cast of characters:

Jason: He moves to a new town with his mom

Mr. Jones: Ghost mentor and former teacher

Chad: Future boyfriend of Jason

Jason’s Mom

Rewriting a paper is the most time consuming part of writing. I hate rewrites, looking for mistakes.

I was writing the basic article for the paper when I heard the noise coming from outside. It was then that I knew I shouldn’t go and discover the source of the noise.

It was a moment later that I found myself sneaking out of the house with a small flashlight to find the cause of the sounds.

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