Sunday, April 24, 2022

A boy travels to a new town with his mom shortly after the death of his father, where he meets a teacher that may or may not be a ghost.

These stories of what may or may not have happened or are happening or could be happening if things like this happened are the stories of a fictitious town with fictitious people living ordinary lives in an less than ordinary town.

Cast of characters:

Jason: He moves to a new town with his mom

Mr. Jones: Ghost mentor and former teacher

Chad: Future boyfriend of Jason

Jason’s Mom

I followed him into the woods. My one eyewitness to the events of the previous day has become my one suspect. I’m writing for the local paper now and my first real assignment has been covering the disappearance of a carnival worker.

I was told that a boy my age was the last person to see the carnival worker. He agreed to meet me but when I arrived he ran into the woods in which I’m cautiously walking fast in an attempt to catch up to him.

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