Sunday, April 24, 2022

The town that traveled in time due to an error made by the scientists of the secret military base located beneath a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The following stories take place before and after the time traveling town traveled through time.

Cast of characters:

Thomas and Alex: boyfriends

Sarah: Their best friend

Ed and Fred: Twins that are always getting into trouble

Frost gathers upon flowers as the sun slowly rises above the town.

Thomas and Alex awake on a blanket in a clearing in the woods that borders the town creating a frame around the town except for the place where the one road that connects the town to a nearby freeway.

Thomas and Alex kiss.

Thomas: I really enjoyed it last night.

Alex: It?

Thomas: All of it.

Alex: All of it?

Thomas: You’re fishing here and I’m not sure I’m willing to bite.

Alex: I’m glad you didn’t bite last night.

Thomas: I will say that I’m glad you were my first guy.

Alex: Want to go again? I’m already hard.

Thomas: Should I lay on my stomach?

Alex: Sounds good.

Thomas lays on his stomach.

Thomas: Have you noticed anything different today?

Alex mounts Thomas.

Alex: No, feels just as good as last night.

Thomas: I mean the sky and the trees over there.

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