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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The town that traveled in time due to an error made by the scientists of the secret military base located beneath a small town in the middle of nowhere.

The following stories take place before and after the time traveling town traveled through time.

Cast of characters:

Thomas and Alex: boyfriends

Sarah: Their best friend

Ed and Fred: Twins that are always getting into trouble

On one evening in the 1970s the small town was and then it wasn’t. The next morning it was gone. If the town had been better known of if there had been Google Maps there would have been questions and a search for the missing town.

The only people that knew about the disappearance were those in the town or have ever been in the town which is not that many people.

At some point in the 2020s the town and everyone in it appeared again as if they had never vanished.

A complex tale with various groups of people. We shall follow some of the citizens of this quaint town as they deal with being out of their time and we shall look back to their lives before the experiment that changed all of their lives forever.

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