Thursday, April 28, 2022

Fred and Ed:

Fred sits at a bar.

Ed returns from the restroom.

Ed: Did you know that there’s holes in between the stalls?

Fred: Not really.

Ed: I was just in there.

Fred: And?

Ed: Nothing.

Fred: I was hoping a dick would pop out of one of the holes like the classic arcade game.

Ed: There’s more than one hole?

Fred: Apparently there’s different sized holes for different sized cocks.

Ed: Why were you interested in seeing a cock in a glory hole?

Fred: I’ve never seen a cock in a glory hole and it’s on my bucket list.

Ed: Do you want me to go in there with you and place my cock in a hole?

Fred: It wouldn’t be the same.

Ed: And what’s wrong with my cock?

Fred: My bucket list is to see a cock in a glory hole, a stranger’s cock, when you’re not expecting to see a cock in a glory hole.

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