Saturday, April 30, 2022

A boy with a dream of singing meets his father, a famous country singer, after believing he was dead all of his life.

This famous country singer is in the process of drinking his career into oblivion unless he can write a new hit song.

The two will meet. These stories are truly made up based upon fictional accounts of fictional characters. The names have not been changed because the characters are imaginary.

Cast of characters:

Jason: Dreams of becoming a famous singer and songwriter

Alex: Jason’s boyfriend

Jason’s Grandma and Grandpa

Jeff: Jason’s dad, abandoned Jason after Jason’s mom died during childbirth.

Rex: Jeff’s manager

I’ve been singing all of my life, arranging words to the chords, finding escape in the strumming of the strings, the melody rings true and the bridge brings it back together again.

Jason sits on the edge of the bed with pen and paper in hand.

Alex sits beside him.

Alex moves his hand along the top of Jason’s leg.

Alex: We’re alone in your room.

Jason: I know, let me finish this first and then we can play cock sword fighting.

I feel the weight of the words, the hope and the opportunity rising up with my voice into the night sky lol a beacon for those seeking love and light in the darkest of nights.

Alex; Let’s compare cock sizes.

Jason: I’m almost finished.

Alex: Take a break and Let’s have some fun.

Thomas: Wait one more minute.

Alex: I’m taking my clothes off now.

Alex takes his shift off.

Alex: I hope I won’t be too much of a distraction from your writing.

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