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Times gone

In the middle of a hot Summer day I walk. I’m less interested in going somewhere and more interested in going anywhere. The sun is high above me. The sidewalk is hot beneath me. The heat rises through the bottoms of my shoes. I swing my arms as I remember […]

Strange Times

These hours I wait not knowing if the words will ever come to me. I think of times gone. If only I could live those moments again. Who am I? When I look in the mirror to find a stranger looking back at me. These strange times thinking about so […]


I woke up after strange dreams filled my head. I left my bed to find something real. sat down for so many hours searching. I found nothing but vague memories of you. Where we are now does not matter but all I have is where we were those years ago. […]


I follow the music as it takes me on a journey. I listen to the music as it takes me elsewhere. I’m no longer in my room but I’m somewhere the music has taken me. I could remain here if here were a real place. I could stay but soon […]

Times Not Forgotten

A stranger I met online kneels before me. I close my eyes and pretend. In my mind he’s someone more attractive and we are someplace other than his living room. I could say that this is a one time occurrence bu it is not. This moment, in the moment, feels […]

Somewhere to go

The cold of night greets me as I open the front door, uncertain of where this night will take me, uncertain whether or not I want to leave the warmth of home. I look up at the stars. I think of the many people that have looked up at these […]


A single flower grows among the weeds in my garden. I did not plant this flower, it grew on its own. I stare at this solitary flower from my kitchen window. This is not the first time it has appeared. It appeared for the first time several years ago. It […]

Small Cafe

For The first time in my life I notice the things that were meaningless all of my life. The small things. The things taken for granted. I see the people walk to their cars. This small cafe is busy considering it is a small cafe off the freeway. It’s not […]

The Suitcase (Part One)

The stillness of the air was unnerving. I was alone yet I felt watched with each step that I took into the abandoned house. I could smell time. There is a nostalgic smell that comes with places left abandoned for many years. It’s strange being nostalgic for a time in […]


I watch the sky glow red and orange as the sun begins waving goodnight. The moon peeks through purples as day becomes night. Stars sparkle as things spin and orbit. Night is as we find sleep and dreams. Aware of the changing of seasons and changing of tides we follow […]


Silence. Wind through nearby trees move branches as though the trees are coming to life. I stare out into the woods surrounding me. I’m low to the ground. Afraid to move a muscle. I attempt to slow my breath. Out there somewhere they wait and they search for me. I’ve […]


I try to sleep on the bus as we pass through the darkness of night towards the bright lights of an unknown city. This is not my destination but a stop on the way. The bus driver and I are the only two awake at this hour. I left everything […]

The List

I heard someone singing while walking my dog through the neighborhood park. On my way home from the park I saw the neighbor steal a newspaper from another neighbor, who reads the newspaper? In my bedroom I browse old photographs of people I once knew but I know I’ll never […]

Love is Love

These times have come, those seasons of life gone and went away, and it will never be the same again. I have heard many people talk about things they will never understand, pretending to be so wise when all they know is what has been told to them, and I […]


The cloud form and drift across a blue canvas. The heat of the day rises from the surface as tall grass dance in a gentle breeze. The sounds of lie somewhere mingle with the sounds of nature. I stand waiting for a sign. A reason to move. A reason to […]

Late Evening Hours

It’s late in the evening hours, I don’t know what cam of me, these hours wasted thinking of the yesterdays. I’ve come so far from where I was, lost in a confusion about everything, not that I know everything now but I am wiser than I was those many days […]

These Hours

I woke up from a dream uncertain when the dream began and ended. I woke from a dream wondering if I live more in my dreams than I do while awake. These hours wondering if I will ever write again like I did before. Podcast: […]


A slow drive across the country, with the songs of road trips a soundtrack to my journey, to find myself is where I begin. The ending is unclear and the middle is still being written. These faded pages of memory written over a lifetime are all I have of my […]

A New Day

The cool of the evening after the heat of the afternoon is a welcome change. The sky changes colors as the sun vanishes over the horizon. I stand alone on the edge of tomorrow, waiting for the last moments of this day to pass. The dreams will soon come. Life […]