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Waiting for the rain…

I posted a story on my Patreon…. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: video editing: Video editing and color grading:


Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and half way through had this feeling that you have already read or watched it before? Sometimes I feel that way about my life. I stand in a field where a house once stood. I can see the walls that […]

Once We Met…

I sat alone in silence today, remembering the things that make me wonder, I feel the need to cry when I hear about your loss and suffering. Can I ever be so happy? I go to bed waiting for dreams to take me from here. These days and nights are […]

Good Night

I started out unsure of so many things, found direction while losing everything, lost so much on my way to discovering the truth. I am here alone again watching the time wondering when I will go to dream again. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: […]

So Many Conclusions…

I could never be your hero, nothing special about me, I’m just another nobody looking for a life to live. Here we go again with our many comparisons, who will win this game, when we’ve lost so much to the struggles of this world. I hear your stories, I have […]


Sometimes I feel so alone and empty inside, watching days go by these hours progressing towards nothing again, wishing that I could do more than linger here alone. Can you feel these feelings? They bring me so low. Everything is empty, I’m hollow and I’m waiting to be filled by […]

Zombie Boy #1

I have no idea how to begin this. I mean where do I begin? The World changed. I changed. I was not myself for so many years. I regret the person I became. I hate the word most use to describe the person I was during those years. Zombie. I […]

Tree to Nowhere #1

I woke up in a strange land surrounded by nothing familiar. I followed a stranger to this place I first thought I had imagined. I followed through a door in that tree down into the ground and up out the other side. I don’t know where things turned upside down. […]

Country Song #1

My story has no proper beginning. There is stuff about my story that occured before I was born. My story began with my parents. The problem is that to tell you this story properly I have to start somewhere in the middle. I was living with my grandparents because my […]

Ghost #1

They said it was sudden. They said many things meant to make me feel better. I wanted nothing to do with their good intentions. I wanted to be alone. No one tells you the truth when your dad dies. They want to make you feel better. In truth they want […]

A Morning Thought

I wake to the sound or rain. My mind filled with what remains of a dream so vivid but fading fast. I’m certain that I could remain here in bed all day. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: […]

LAte Night Writing

It’s late and my mind wanders, with each passing second, from one thing to another. Random. It’s like I’m searching for something that I can care about but all I find are useless things. I guess I should write something. This paper will not write itself. I like to write. […]

I Love You

Do you recall those years before, I could lie and pretend I don’t remember you. I think of you at times, what was just a moment in time meant so much to me, times you may want to forget. I was in love but you were just whatever you were, […]

Looking Back

I look back into the memories of a former life, so many years gone, vanished, never to be again. I’ve been through more than I could ever share in words alone. I started out with a dream but tragedies became my friend on a journey that brought me here to […]