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I stare at the wall, the phone rings, not answering the call, who calls anyway? I live in the modern times, if you want to reach me you know how. I have no words for you, no words for anyone, I have no desire to talk on the phone. I […]


I hear the sounds of yesteryear those soundtracks of my life, music playing in my head as I dream of better days ahead. The days are colder, nights sitting alone, wishing I had done so much differently but then that’s how life goes sometimes. I reach my hands towards the […]


In the morning I wake from dreams, I follow the road to where it leads me no matter where that may be, I follow my dreams to the end of the road. Sometimes you are never certain of anything but the dreams that keep you going on each day.


I’m all alone, wishing I were not so alone, watching Youtube on my television, wishing had plans but I never have plans. I remember when, when I lived in a city, when I would go out and take the Red to NoHo or the 10 to WeHo but now I […]


I stare in the mirror, try to remember the days when something mattered, wondering if I’ll ever be the boy I was before. Things have changed me, lies and tragedies, and now I need to find a way back. I need to find myself hidden behind all of the ways […]


Slowly I wake up, new day new month, time to get things started but what shall I feel like today? I can count the times someone said something inspirational but today they don’t mean a thing it’s just what you say when you have nothing at all to say. I […]


In bed, naked, at rest, at peace, waiting for dreams. The sounds of night surround me, cold of night on the other side of the window, I wait for dreams to take me away…

Dream Boy

Looking up at the stars, how tiny they are, wondering if I’ll ever be as happy as when you’re with me. I take nothing for granted, nothing is certain, I hope you’ll understand when I hold you close to me I want to remember that moment for when we’re apart. […]


Alone in the world, wishing I were anywhere but where I am. Waiting for something to occur, something that will take me from this place, not knowing what it shall be that changes everything. Late nights in my room, dreaming of someday, dreaming of more than what I know now.


I take my chances on a dream, cannot hold these things in for too long, breaking free from that old  mold to find my own way in this world. It’s not about you but I don’t talk on the phone, just send me a text, let’s live in the now. […]

I will

I wake up, the day begins, with hope for the day. Focused, no phone calls, just a blank computer screen waiting for my words. Today I will move forward I will begin again and this time I will…


Tired eyes, waiting for sleep to come again, I dream of no one but I dream of someone someday. The nights are cold, I long to be held, a body pressed against mine to keep me warm at night but for now it is just me alone in my bed. […]


Days, nights, dreams, I long to be free, to be me, captive no more by the lies in my head. Read aloud, my hopes and prayers, a need to find love a need to be held, now I write of truth found. A boyfriend, a best friend, a companion, seeking […]