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Saw you from so far away, counted my breath, holding it all in I pretend not to care… Could you ever love me, do you know how? Do I know myself? What is love when you’re caught up in the crowds…

Dream Again

Constant is the rhythm in my head, read like verse of a poem. Thought pouring out like a fountain, never running dry, just not as wet sometime. Words form, creeks of words become oceans of novels waiting to be read. Can I put these words to page? The hour is […]


Watching the birds, wishing I could fly, nothing to do nothing new. Clouds drift, sun through openings, the sun marks the passing of time. I could stay here for as long as I remain but what would remain when things never stay the same…


Waiting for the rights words, afraid to say the wrong words, to make things right. I could pretend to have never been afraid, shed the lies like coats in Summertime, leave all of the fears behind. What a reminder I have, visions of long ago, that keeps me down. Where […]


Bus ride to nowhere, sat by the window watching the scenery outside change with the passing of the hours, ready for the adventure wherever the road may take me next…


Something forgotten, moments long ago, things cherished left along the way. Days drifting, in memory so vivid, like a pond of time you rewind like 1990 VHS tapes, you sit back to remember the things you once said.  

Carpe diem

The sun, through open window, curtains fluttering in the breeze, hope shines through like a beacon welcoming you. Hello, good morning, time to rise from dreams so vivid, time to seize the day. Is it early, never too late, as we part ways to conquer the day? Today, any day, […]


Did I hear you right? The end is near. I fold my hands in prayer but maybe we’ve already received the answers? Take my hand, let’s keep strong, never mind the storm it was always coming. We can take refuge, take hope in, when that day comes we will have […]

keep going

You hold out, for dreams shattered, coming out of your shell just to remain in the shadows. Day after day reaching forward, goals keep gathering like dust on the books you’ll never read, you find you lost your vision of the way things should be. Keep on moving, never waiting […]


Cannot be, you were left behind, but your shadow comes into my mind, like a ghost in the closet you roam like you own the place. Today I stand up, no more waiting for you to let me go, time to leave all of these fragments behind.

Lies… and rumors.

Towers rising, like fingers from a grave, reaching towards the unknown. I’m captive, created my own prison, contained inside of myself like a ghost roaming these halls. Big world, small is not a word, waiting to be seen. I take shelter, refuge from life, in my mind. Pavement stretches, grey […]

Wake Up!!!

When I wake up, with the feeling nothing will change, I take a look at the way I’m doing everything. Take every second, each moment an opportunity, and see what you can do with it. Take the time to realize, dream and scheme, that you are the only one you […]


A knock on the door, someone I cannot ignore, music in my mind, trying to ignore what will never go away. A phantom, what could have been, if only I took another direction in my life. He could save me from myself, a love I could tell all of my […]


I watch late night television, wait for the telephone, no text messages no late night infomercial just old shows playing again as the rain pours outside. Did you hear the news? Time waits for no one so you should use every second and moment you have and not waste a […]


Wake up in the morning, sun in my eyes, dreams on my head. Take the red to Union, nowhere to go and no place to be, to find something to do. Life in the city, always on the search for the next thing, always on the move without looking back. […]