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I lay here waiting for the sunrise listening to the rain, how could I ever end up here not knowing where to go next? I wake early just to hear the slience of a breaking dawn, I shout to no one when everything remains the same. I count the times […]


I wish I knew then all the things I know now but some of what I know now is because of what I did then when I wanted just to be myself: not knowing who I was. Drums in my head, the band plays on with a rhythm of my […]


In memory I walk through time and space, I follow the lines to where this all originated. I hear voices tell me so many things, can I believe a word when there’s so many opposites? Could you lie awake in bed at night and wait for me to dream with […]


Somewhere in time, somewhere in my mind, memories from before hidden from me. I follow the lines through time and memory to a place so distant yet so close to me. where’s that place that brings you calm? Where’s that place that made you who you are?


Slowly I rise from dream, things shifting in my head, words read the night before falling from my lips in a hushed whisper that I can only hear. The day is new so is the year and the tear shed yesterday is the thorn that reminds me that I have […]

Waking Life

I wake up as I do everyday, take time to make up my mind about how I feel about the day ahead. You think you know me, what do you see when you think you see me, but it’s never me you’re looking at but the me you want to […]


Shelter, sought when the storm approaches. Laughter, found in the darkest of hours. Hope, lingers even when the storm consumes me. Dreams, something no one can take from me. I recall the pain but it won’t keep me down for long. I remember the words that cut deep and I […]

For the Better

I was young so many years ago watching cartoons without a worry for tomorrow but tomorrow has come and passed. What am I doing now but dreaming of when I’ll be more than I am now. Waking up, dreams fading, I find I do more in my dreams when I […]


I stare at the phone, silent as usual, no text from anyone. I could remember a time when being alone was fine with me but now I wonder if I’ll forever be on my own. The songs play, and in my head I imagine the possibilities. Will I give up […]


Today I begin again, new day new way of looking at everything, I find a new reason to continue. The air is cold, wind chills everything, as I try to go out into it. Sun is shining, no cloud in sight, listening to the birds as Winter enters with a […]


Inside my head these words seem so real, inside my head I know how I feel. Can I take some time to peel back the layers, can I take some time to get back to where I started? These days are cold, damp and alone, taking notes in my head […]


I hear the way you say the words, the pauses when you’re unsure of the words to say. I follow you on your journey, never believing it was all a lie, your mask is no longer a disguise I see your true self beneath all of the lies. I hear […]


Did I ever tell you all of my stories? So many years of tears shed afraid of the voices as I waited for dreams to take me from my waking life. I could tell you of those years, when a different me was tormented but would you believe me or […]


Night is here, lights are low, no place to go so we stay home alone. The music is loud, get out of our clothes, dance and howl at the moon. There’s no crowd, just us two with no clothes, knowing that morning comes too soon. Night is here, here we […]

Good Days

I take the long way, stay longer than I ever imagined, waiting for the good days but for now I have my dreams waiting for me at night. I hold my eyes closed listening to the sounds of night, outside my window, wishing that things had been different but they […]