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This Morning

This morning I woke up without a plan. Can I tan and play in the sand? Waves crashing all around. A pause in the middle of a sentence. I imagine that you’re very aware of my fascination with dicks. I woke up with one on and now I’m wanting more […]

Inaction, Satisfaction

I descend into your skin trying to pretend to know what I’m talking about. The power in the tower penetrating you is the feeling of being alive. I race through my mind for the times when I was next to you. I’m aware of the days and nights spent alone. […]

Late Night Dreams

Late night, radio, head swimming with this mood. I’m captivated by your hips. I watch as you walk between. You move so smoothly. I can almost feel you against my hips. Is this the moment the dream ends? I feel you next to me. Your fingers so gentle against my […]

These Times Forgotten

In this void of time, my life’s years lost, my mind seldom thinks of these years lost to the passing of time. I don’t remember the names of the people I met but I remember them now. I may not always recall those years but the memories are still there […]

Those Moments

It’s a story but what if it was more than a story? Moments so similar that they are alike but the feeling was different with each guy I knew about. My tip between his lips. The shaft went between the lines. A motion to it all as I sat back […]

More About Everything

The sun in my eyes as I walk alone along an empty street. My bare feet against the hot asphalt. My past behind me. A dream ahead of me. I thought before that sex was all it was about but now I know there’s more to everything. I’ve longed for […]


Some nights my fingers linger on my shaft thinking about the past and the future. I never believed that love could ever be found for me. I thought it would end with me alone somewhere. Some nights my fingers linger upon my shaft wondering where they are now, those that […]


Lately I’ve been dreaming of a boy I’ve never met. I see our lives, two divided paths waiting for the right time to become one. I am eager for that moment out eyes will meet. Will it be on some small street somewhere new to the both of us? Lately […]


He sits up in bed. I pretend to sleep while I watch him stare out the window. He’s the one I’ve waited al of these years to find. If this were a dream I would wish to never wake.


I was thinking now of how things have changed since orange became the new… He is not the one we voted for. Now we come again to the voting hour, month. Will it matter if we vote or not?

Paint it, Blue

I saw this year and I wanted to go back to bed. I see people laugh and protest wearing masks. They call the virus a hoax. I see the setting sun and I see the death rate growing. No time for excuses, there’s a vote to change the tyranny. Will […]


Rising above, tall and proud, my morning wood. Day after day we do what we do waiting for things to change. Our generation wants change but the older generations won’t let go. I could slide in, feel you, hold you as I grow inside you. Feel you and kiss you […]

The End

The End. It’s beginning again. Hold hands and kiss. Be Love where there is none. Take the least expected path in life. I’m not going anywhere, I am out, this is where I’m staying for now.

A Chance for Me

I walk to the end of the street, the place we would meet, waited for the street lights to come on. These lonely hours, long days watching time change, wondering if anything will change for me. I am talented, more than most people, but here I am wasting time again. […]

A Lover

I kicked the habit. I am different now. Those times are over. No more strange old men. No more spreading my legs for strange old men. No more for one time encounters. What I’m looking for now is a lover. Fit and cute and intelligent.

What they Came for

I remember the days sending pics of my dick to other guys and old men. I was so young and horny trying to fill the lonely hours. Those times are behind me now. No more pics at all times of the day just to meet a stranger who would walk […]