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A World of Imagination

I imagine the day when I’ll not be alone. I spend my days searching for purpose for everything. I type names of celebrities to find out their latest movie or tv show. These walls so plain. My only escape is through my computer screen. I listen to music, my muse, […]

Good morning

I grow magic beans in the space between the trees, sell them on the road side, waiting for that giant to fall from its kingdom above. These hours alone I pass the time thinking of a worm hole in the back of my mind taking me back to the places […]

A lover Waits

The trees begin to sway with each breath of wind, blowing across the snow covered fields. Stars above him a pattern in the night sky like a beautiful painting forever changing. A hope of a warm bed to rest after a journey through snow covered lands. This traveler walks alone […]

Dreams Come True

These hours pass so swiftly I forget which day has ended when I’m dreaming of living life to the fullest. I dream of you taking me in your arms and giving me all the things I’ve craved since before I knew you. Dreams come to me while waiting. My heart […]


This morning I woke aware of these days of cold and bitter rain as I stare at these walls wondering when things will ever change. I’m alone dreaming of someday I’ve dreamt of before, it’s nothing new to imagine a day being not alone but who are you I’m waiting […]


I stay up late finding any reason not to sleep…. Podcast: video editing: Video editing and color grading: Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists:

In my dreams

If I could live out my dreams I’d be with you this very hour. I’ve imagined us together so many times. Kissing your neck. My tongue moving, gliding, across your skin. Your nipples between my lips. My legs around your hips. If only my dreams were more than dreams I […]


I found the sun rising before my eyes closed again, up all night with myself, and now eagerly waiting for my dreams to take me away from the stress of my everyday. I touch myself but it feels different somehow, sometimes, like it’s someone else I’m touching down there. In […]


In the middle of the night I wake up from a dream. It’s not the typical dream. This dream was more vivid. There was more detail. It was less dream than most dreams I’ve ever had.

Someone, Someday

I walked into the empty room expecting someone to be there waiting for me like it was planned from the beginning. Alone, I sit watching the day from my computer screen. Each day moves as if I’m not here waiting for a destiny I’d dreamt of so many years ago. […]

These Dreams

I stare into the unknown of time and space to dream of imagined places I’ll never see unless made into a made for TV movie shown once a week for the rest of my life. I’m captivated by his smile and his place in my made up world. I see […]

Storm before dreams

The storm continues outside as I watch the ceiling. I’m naked in bed and I’m alone. I’m lonely. I feel the isolation like a tiny ship in a storm. I feel the weight of years of depression and anxiety like more blankets plied upon me as I look up from […]

Past Present Future

I write notes to remind myself of the things I’ve been through. Notes accumulate like snow on a winter’s day. I can keep living in the past or learn from my mistakes and live in the moment starting now. I live with the lessons from my past, appreciating each moment, […]


Longer nights Cold nights So much time waiting. I feel time moving on without me. The isolation has become constant for me. I’m alone all of these days and nights. Podcast: video editing: […]


This piece of flesh I so desire. A shaft. Strong and hard. They come in varying sizes and shapes. These bodies I desire. How I long to be in love. These pieces of flesh I’ve seen in photographs. So many sizes and shapes. It makes me hard to think of […]