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I am…

Sometimes I don’t think you know me at all. I feel so alone all of the time. I’m sad so much of the time. I feel the pressure to do well in all that I do that I find myself unable to do anything. You look at me and you […]


I see the days go by, time is here again to decide my future plans. I survived those days and hours but now I’m drifting along with the many breezes of my life. I’m trying to find the way to go while I’m uncertain of everything.


Sometimes you are so surprised by me but I’ve never different before. I am complex and each moment I feel different emotions. I want to love someone but will anyone ever love me back? I’m feeling like a queen without a throne or crown. I’m my own lost tribe. I’ve […]


A shadow crosses the land, green fields and woodland flood plains, beneath giant puffy clouds drifting across a light blue sky. I hear birds chirping as I dream leisurely in my chair outside in my backyard. I, alone, see the wind blowing through the trees and the squirrels jumping from […]


I found a dream of you the other day. I find myself wondering if we’ll ever be more than a dream I dream so many nights. Could I ever find love in this world? Are you out there looking for me m?


If I could say the things I feel out loud without doubt I’d be free. I’m captive to my fear and doubt. I want so much from life yet I don’t go after these goals and dreams because I doubt my future success.


I find myself thinking of a night watching stars. I was alone as I have been most of my life. These nights alone dreaming of future I have yet to find are the loneliest of my hours.

A World of Imagination

I imagine the day when I’ll not be alone. I spend my days searching for purpose for everything. I type names of celebrities to find out their latest movie or tv show. These walls so plain. My only escape is through my computer screen. I listen to music, my muse, […]

Good morning

I grow magic beans in the space between the trees, sell them on the road side, waiting for that giant to fall from its kingdom above. These hours alone I pass the time thinking of a worm hole in the back of my mind taking me back to the places […]

A lover Waits

The trees begin to sway with each breath of wind, blowing across the snow covered fields. Stars above him a pattern in the night sky like a beautiful painting forever changing. A hope of a warm bed to rest after a journey through snow covered lands. This traveler walks alone […]

Dreams Come True

These hours pass so swiftly I forget which day has ended when I’m dreaming of living life to the fullest. I dream of you taking me in your arms and giving me all the things I’ve craved since before I knew you. Dreams come to me while waiting. My heart […]


This morning I woke aware of these days of cold and bitter rain as I stare at these walls wondering when things will ever change. I’m alone dreaming of someday I’ve dreamt of before, it’s nothing new to imagine a day being not alone but who are you I’m waiting […]