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Some of these Dreams…

I shake the dreams, some nightmares never go away.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:


I’m alone again with the memory of when things were easier but when was it ever easy to be me? I looked up to the stars to dreams long forgotten when I was younger.   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Where to Begin?

I think you know by now that these doubts linger with me everyday of my life, I wish I could take these things and remove them so easily but I don’t have the answers to the riddles of my heart. Where do I start to tell of the history and […]

The Past

The clock reminds me of time passing though it feels like it’s standing still. I find myself repeating the same days and weeks and months and years over and and over again. I dream so often but nothing ever comes from them. Outside the air is hot, my shirt sticks […]

If You Will Remain

Soft lips under soft light candle light, knowing you’re there.   Moments together yearning for more.   Day ends is there more? can I ever know you know you more?   Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Into the Woods

The embers of the fire glow as if alive. The fire is almost dead. Smoke rises in a few places. I sit on a log nearby watching. It’s late in the evening and I’m here alone watching a fire die out. The rest of the troop is elsewhere. Earlier in […]

Lost Street

I rise up from my bed, dreams still heavy on my mind, to face the new day with hope. Far from home I find myself on a street I have never noticed before. I’ve been riding all day and here I am exhausted and uncertain of where I am. The […]

Once Upon a Memory

When I close my eyes I remember the beginning. The scars remain but so do the memories. I’m told that things will get better but memories are not as easy to heal. The lights are off in his house. I can hear the rest of his family asleep throughout the […]

New Home

I stare into the sky as I wonder why things have come to this, alone on a bus heading to a stranger’s house, and I close my eyes to it all and I dream. In my dreams I have a family. In my dreams I’m not an outsider. I open […]

A moment

I was thinking so often, in that moment that lasted a only minutes, that I could take you home but I was too shy to even go up to you in person. I watched hoping that you’d come over and things would happen like an emotion. I imagine you as […]


I could trace your skin And begin to see your everything. Your lips part And my heart Starts to race. I feel your skin, Smooth against mine. I can taste you Pressed against my lips. I could imagine you, Your hips against mine. I could imagine us together For so […]


Early morning And I am here alone, Considering all I’ve Ever done. These hours Dreaming Of something more, Dreaming of Not being alone. Is there a boy Somewhere, Out there, Dreaming the same dreams As I’m dreaming right now?

Your Kiss

It’s been so many years, We were but now we’re not. I think of then and who we were But we’ll never be who we were then again. Time has separated us As we each went our own way. Let us look back To those times we shared: I loved […]

Your Lips

Suddenly I’m into deep when I’ve chased my dreams down a dead end street. I watch you in memory, you were so much to me, but now you’re somewhere out there unaware of how much you meant to me. Who am I? What has made me into the person you […]

If Only

I close my eyes to the day, dreams are better than my real life. If I could express in words the things in my head I would but they remain unspoken. I holding onto so much you’ve never seen, what do I know of anything but the pain that comes […]

Where We Once Walked…

The bus moves slowly through the town that I once called home. I’ve been sleeping since I left the place I was but now here I am uncertain of what’s next. I could say that moving back here was a part of a greater plan but when have I ever […]