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Map laid out path charted, route planned, each detail determined, dream chaser, the past left behind, a future so bright, so much to consider so much to remember, a life changer, a trip to be, maybe, a time to follow desire to its conclusion.

Hello, Summer.

Flowers bloom yellow tower grass knee high kite high in sky Picnic in park crowds gather playing games recounting names Summer is near heat rising upward storm clouds gathering with promise of rain Hello, Summer.

Future Plans

Woke up this morning, just after the sun had broken through the fog, took a look at everything in my way just to laugh at the way things have been. Seven years spent dreaming, longing for something more than the daily grind, reminding myself each and every day that a […]


Stars above, points of light, across the night sky. Wind whispers to me, urging me forward into the night, as I walk between rows of trees. Follow the path, keep to the right, and you will find the distant seas.


Summer is near, so it seems. Hot it is, hot indeed. Inside I do remain, so much to gain. With these random bits, phrases so true yet out of place, I bid you good day.


Waking up new day dreams fade coffee made thoughts flowing as the rain begins pouring, no time to waste lists made goals made dreams dreamt, time counting down with so much to do but so few hours in a day.