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I feel a need, swallow your seed, slip inside your warmth and fill you with delight. Lick the top, make you pop. Ride that ride all night, stop after daylight. Is tonight as blue for you as it is me? I feel this need to be into you.


The day is long and I’ve been away most of the day. I’m feeling tired and alone. I could top a fit guy so easy now. Just slide through time like it’s unreal. Steal the moment until you’re complete. This feeling I need of being inside, feeling him next to […]


I’m present in this moment. I’m feeling lonely but I’m overcoming. I take my daily attitude and I find it completes me when I allow myself to enjoy this solitude. No one is me. I am my own person. You don’t tell me to change my identity to meet your […]

I have stayed up all these days and nights to find myself back where I started from. No one told me it would be like this. We follow through with their expectations of who we are while trying to please the ones that keep us so low. No changes are […]


He walks through the trees as the trail he was on had stopped. The dead leaves of autumn crunching beneath his feet. He wonders what waits for him. He was told to follow the trail and keep going until he reaches a clearing in the trees where a house would […]

Random Fun

I want to be silly for a moment. If I were to meet a cute, fit, guy I would think… I would suck your cock now or then. I would suck your cock in the bedroom or any room. I would suck your cock when it’s soft and when it’s […]

Love Found

Some search the stars for meaning and purpose and some find these things in the arms of a lover. I wonder, sometimes, how people meet one another. How Is love found in a World so full of hate?

Join Me

When I was younger I imagined so many things. I have lived a strange life. A life full of sorrow and pain but I’ve some good times over the years. I hope you will join me for the rest of this journey to begin.

Starting Over

I’m sitting here thinking I could have a life more than what it is today. The mistakes made, trust placed in the wrong people, and not finding my true self until I stopped looking. I’m eager to begin life again and pretend none of the things before happened but those […]


Hello again. I find myself thinking about them again. Should I tell of those times in great detail or not at all? I’m alone now but I’ve been alone many times before. Even when I was in crowded rooms I was all by myself. I reached out at different times […]

Wrong Deeds

I’ve been around some. I know the pain of loss and the tears that come from this pain. I’ve been looking for something all of these years that I sought with the wrong actions. I planted my seed. I wanted more but I never imagined it could be. The numbers […]


I didn’t know things could have been different but now it’s too late. If I could have had a boyfriend all of those years in school I would not have felt so alone. If I could have been myself all of these years maybe I’d done things differently but I […]