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This Begins with a death

The car moves slowly down a small paved road. Outside no one would be aware of the intentions of the driver or that of the passenger. Trees line this small paved road. Grass, a dark green, on the other side of these trees. A wooden fence that has been neglected […]

Shall We Forget

These places where the trees line the streets leading to big houses with large porches are a relics from a time many years gone. The graves of history. The reminders of past generations. These places of history remain. We could erase the past. Remove all evidence of life before our […]

Each Sunday Morning

The sleeves of my shirt hang down over my fingertips. The Sunday morning sun coming through the window with the flowery curtains. A gentle breeze opens these curtains as I watch myself in the mirror. I yawn as the dreams from last night become foggy images. Soon I’ll be sitting […]

Grey Clouds

Grey clouds overhead, green grass waiting below, memories gather like clouds with the promise of rain. I sit alone among the graves wondering who these many people were. Have I ever met any of them? I wish I could know about them. I wish that I could be there for […]

Could Have Been with Someone

Sometimes I lay in bed late in the night thinking of the times I didn’t say the things I wanted to say. A lack of confidence kept me from telling of my love for someone. Now, I’m here alone instead of being somewhere better. I’m here alone in my bed […]

Rise Up Louder Now

The waiting hours. Time spent watching time move but you’re stuck in a moment that never was. I’ve been where you are, thinking why do anything when you’re not the one anyone wants for anything, but you need to rise up above the hate. They keep you down. They keep […]

Words of Truth

Deep down I’m waiting for the time to make my move. You sit wondering when I’ll say how I’m feeling. This distance between us fading with time. I’m not sure of the words to express the many feelings within. I can wait too. Wait for the words you already, always, […]

That Moment in Time

I find pictures of the two of us sometimes, it takes me back to the good days. I’m looking back over those years. I’m counting the passing years since I thought you were mine. I’m looking at you, but a younger version of you, trying to remember what I saw […]


I step out into the light, I never knew it would be this bright, called out the rumors and the lies. I cannot be the person you think I am, I’m not interested in your expectations of me, I’ll always be me.

Cat’s Party

The cats of the house would never chase a mouse but spent their nights dancing in a line. As the night began, the humans asleep dreaming, the cats gathered routinely. These party cats delighted in old music turning. Some cats watching as the spinning continued. Cats upstairs singing karaoke. Cats […]

Someone More

I live out loud proud to be who I am despite the things I’ve been through in my life. I feel so much, sometimes overwhelming, and I want so much from my life. Am I the one you’re looking for? I hope love will find me somewhere, somehow. I’ve been […]

A Maze in A Riddle of Time

I see the endless lines of words arranged accordingly. These memories shaded by our history. Time is a maze of possibility. Waking from these dreams that fill my waking hours with doubt. Is it possible to be more than a dream? I see these hours move swiftly through my hands. […]


I begin my day like any other, hope rises until I’m overcome by the many obstacles, wanting so much more from life than just getting by. I look for ways to make things better. I stare at a blank screen wondering when and if I’ll come together to form words […]

Daily Struggles

Can I ever be more? What am I waiting for? I am here to be no one but me. I hate to shatter your expectations but I’m not here to justify your lack of intelligence. Sometimes you want more from me when it fits your needs but when I’m chasing […]


When you think of his love do you recall the moments of waiting for your paths in life to meet? Do you remember all of those hours alone wishing for someone to take you far away from your problems? I’ve been waiting someone so long to love me but I’m […]