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I lost my voice one night I needed it the most. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites:  GoFundMe:  Watch me Live each night on my Youtube: […]

Ghost Teacher #108

Ghost Teacher #108 We sit in a small cafe. We are silent as those around us fill the void with talk. We sip from cups of coffee trying to feel older. We’re waiting for one of us to speak up. His name is Alex. The one thing that I do […]

Ghost Teacher #107

Ghost Teacher #107 Have you ever felt as though you were being watched? I felt like several sets of eyes were upon me as soon as I began walking through the fair to leave. The fair worker did not tell me much directly but I had a thought that I […]


I feel time pulling me forward, it never stops, it keeps going no matter how I feel. Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites: GoFundMe: Watch me Live each night on my Youtube: […]

Drifting along

I drift alone along these empty streets dreaming of a day that could be while surrounded by memories of the things that have kept me down. I feel the weight of my past and my isolation. I was never wanted around and even when you allowed me in it was […]


Sometimes I feel so alone like I’m in space, in a one person ship orbiting the World, watching society from above. I find it difficult to breathe when I feel these overwhelming things. It makes me rethink everything, especially the things that I’ve never seen. Please continue reading this […]

Ghost Teacher #106

Ghost Teacher #106 In a dream it is Winter. I am in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Snow is everywhere. Snow too deep to walk through for miles around the cabin. Only a small area around the cabin has been cleared somewhat. I often dream about being […]

 Ghost Teacher #105

 Ghost Teacher #105 My first Saturday in a new house, a new town, and I woke up from a dream that took place in the old house. In my dream I am trapped in my room. I am trying to get out of my room but the door will not […]

Ghost Teacher #104

Ghost Teacher #104 Life is strange. One moment you are living life as if nothing will ever change. you think things will always be the same. I thought that my life would always be as it was before my Dad died. I never imagined not finding him at the kitchen […]

Ghost Teacher #103

Ghost Teacher #103 My new school is not different from my old school in most ways. The one big difference is the fact that I know no one here. I did not grow up with them.The way you are perceived is determined by your first interaction with someone. Today is […]