A Fantasy Revealed

Somewhere out there amongst the stars is a place of dreams. A place told of in countless stories with various names but all of these stories are true.

In secret I watch the place where dreams become more. A portal to a place thought to be no more than the common thread many writers have used to weave fantastic tales.

Shall I draw the symbolic curtain open to reveal most know as myth is real?

This Town of Yesteryear, Tomorrow

The road is a vast empty as above clouds dance through my vision. A solitary car appears. At the edge of the road stands a group of eager teens. They desire to leave behind the mysteries of a town from another time. I was one of them once. I departed that town before it vanished to reappear again these many years later.

Musical Mystery

Music guides me as I seek the source of this beautiful sound. Early morning I walk this road unaware of all but this music that woke me from a dream. How I came to be in this place is a mystery.

Uncertain Hours

What if I wake up uncertain of everything I once thought so clear to me,

These hours I stay awake watching time move on without me,

Where is the clarity in these darkest of hours when I’m seeking purpose?

The Path

I slow my breath as I follow the path uncertain of its end and uncertain of whom I followed here. It was a shadow that I followed after discovering the body…

This Town of Yesteryear, Tomorrow

The thing that I remember the most about the day my life changed forever was the weather. We sat in the cool of the early evening hours watching tiny clouds drift out of view. We sat in our spot as the world, our world, changed around us. In one moment the weather changed from early Autumn to Summer.

Our town wasn’t anything special prior to that day. There was the occasional rumor of a secret military facility beneath the town but there were other rumors that circulated. Rumors about tunnels beneath the town.

More to come…

Better, Greater?

These days you think back to other times

like they were better than they are now,

not that I was around when you thought

things were so greater.

I know you miss something

but things were not better.





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