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The day is old. Time is forgotten. He leans backwards towards empty as I reach out to him. Our bodies stacked on top of the other unaware of everything but the other. I stretch to meet him. Our lips meet. His kisses are a treasure that I seek. Our tongues […]

Forward Towards Onwards

My feet move me onwards towards an unknown city. I see the massive towers of glass and steel reaching up like the fingers of giants protruding from the ground. I continue walking because going forward into the unknown means there’s more to discover. The discovery of a new place keeps […]


The sun is warm. I toss my damp clothes into a pile. I run in circles warming myself beneath the midday sun. At one time I’d never imagine myself running around naked. Now, sans other people, I have the freedom to be without limits. This moment isn’t about sex. It’s […]


I point my finger up towards a star, the brightest star in sight, and I make a wish. I wish that I were not alone. I feel the cold like a presence. A force that makes me drift towards sleep. I force my eyes open knowing that now isn’t the […]

Silence of my solitude

The moon is my only light as I move between trees. I move slowly to avoid making too much noise. The air becomes colder as the night moves forward into the unknown. I’m certain I’m the last person alive for miles around. I feel different now about the silence of […]


I’m feeling alive but I feel the doubt remaining. It’s like a ghost that haunts my every waking hour. No time to rest when there’s so much inside wanting out, inspiration rises as the music inside plays on. I’m a mixture of my expectations and experiences. I’ve got nothing but […]


He stands in the middle of the street counting the steps until he’s home again. Up above the towers of glass and steel winged flight takes us away from home. We soar above the clouds. I’m alone down here in the middle of nowhere. You pass over me not knowing […]


I feel the times change around me as I dream of a better world. I hold out for change but nothing ever rearranges itself. I feel stuck where I am in the middle of nowhere. No city in sight as I read by morning light about the things so far […]


I know these words will never be read by you but it’s all I can do now that you’re not here anymore. There’s so many of you that I’ve met on this journey of life. I wish I could remember all of your names but I do recall all of […]

One Guy

It was late when you arrived. I recall I was into you from the start. I was alone when you came along and filled my night with such a wonderful delight. I wrapped my legs around your hips as your shaft went inside. I wanted time to stand still but […]

These Memories

I stay awake all night wondering if things will ever be the same again. I lift my head to the stars looking for a bright spot in the sky. A star shining bright. I could pretend and go on with my life like I never knew there’s more to life […]

First time

The air is hot and damp. I’m lost. I knew I’d end up lost following his directions. I wanted this weekend to go so smoothly but there’s been so many bumps on the way. It will be our first time. I’m nervous because I’m uncertain why he’s with me. I’m […]

Late night

It’s so late I’m past tired. The fake stars above my head stopped glowing. I feel dreams pulling me down. Soon I’ll be there in my mind. A place that feels so real but it’s all make believe.

A Story to be Finished

It’s late into the night when I receive the message. I’ve had profiles on those sites for months but I’ve not used them until recently. The first time was the most difficult. I would meet them in the parking lot of a drug store nearby because it felt safer. I […]

The App

This morning a strange app appeared on my phone. It does some strange things. One part looks like your typical map app but this one shows you all of the doors. All of them, no matter the size. When you press a button prior to opening a door you can […]


I feel intense. I need change. I want to do something. I need to be something I’ve never been most of my life: myself. Somewhere deep within is me but there’s many levels piled up like blankets around the real me like the peel of an orange or banana. The […]


In a small building behind my friend’s house we dreamt. We imagined being social and having parties. We think ahead to high school as though we’ll suddenly become something we’ve never been. We listen to music. We talk about having other people around. I never imagine where these people would […]

I Ride

I ride with the cool of night urging me on as I wander the streets and neighborhoods close to where I live. My imagination wanders as I wander for hours. I hear sounds and I see things of stories created in my mind. A cup falling to the floor, shattering […]


All day I dream of a life different from my life. The world outside of my window is different from the life inside of my imagination. Things go my way when in my imagination. Outside my imagination and my house nothing goes my way. I count the steps to the […]