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When We Meet

I’ve been thinking about you but I’ve never met you. Are you out there? Looking for me, waiting as I am, for the other to come along. I’ve been thinking about you, I hope you know that I’m patiently waiting for the day we’ll meet for the first time. I […]

Those Times

In moments I remember those times before. I look back upon seconds out of hours forgetting the other times for those that were pleasant. I do recall strange moments. Standing while a stranger consumed me. What was I thinking? Going through the movements without thinking. A crowded room and I’m […]


Sometimes I think I want to do nothing but then there are times I want to do everything. I wake up to a new day wondering if today will be the day that I begin to live. I’ve been hurt and I’ve given up so often I no longer know […]

Burning Desire

My phone is silent, no one to make it break this silence. My heart races as the blood flows down making it harder. I see the images of lust like it’s all that I’m after but there’s more to my longing than a quick one with a stranger. I follow […]


What without words you expressed: your lips part, I feel your intent as you move me. I move my hips as time stops for us. I could remain like this but soon it will be over. Is there more I desire from these moments or am I satisfied closing my […]

Something More

A moment revisited from time to time. In my mind I’m there again. I want to be in that moment once again. My fingers move as I imagine being with you once more. It was so long ago but I can still recall the feelings involved. Your mouth was wet […]

Linger, Today

If I could be like everyone else would I change everything I am to fit in when no one really fits in? I hear the rain on the roof, the rhythm matches my hands, dreaming of someone imagined to fill the space in my bed to fill the space inside […]


If those hours were to fade away like a bad dream gone would I feel the same about everything? Could we remove the bad and still have all of the good times we’ve had? I consider so many things from my past as wasted hours but would I be the […]


Sometimes the nights are long and everything I desire is but a dream. Sometimes I’m alone at night and I wonder where things went wrong. I can’t express this loss of never having it’s like knowing what’s missing without ever having it from the start. Night becomes day and here […]


I wake up to hope for a new day dreams lingering as I sip my morning beverage. Time moves so quickly I forget all I had planned. I reach out but no reply. I hear my doubts and I wonder why I even try. The night has come again. I’m […]

Let Me Linger…

Lost in moments so real I follow the path of memories like chasing the rabbit deeper within. I am there but for a moment and only in my head. I miss you sometimes, the hurt still remains, though it’s been years since you left us it’s not easy to think […]

A little Everyday

Tonight I wonder of so many things, as I wait for dreams I think back to when I had no plans, but how will I ever find the time for so many dreams. Each day I plan but nothing works out as it did in my head. Alone in this […]


Sometimes I feel like getting these things out of my head, worlds invited in dreams that seem so real to me, hard to believe so much could be within me… I dare not let go of anything, I never know when it won’t be anymore, like the many you meet […]


Late at night I hear the voices from my past, hauntingly familiar, lingering as I lay my head down to rest. It’s not that I’m obsessed, things remain that frighten me, I feel so alone as the things said have changed how I am. Is it easy to explain the […]


Late at night, While music plays, I see the cracks in me. The places broken by men wanting something I could never give. I see the places mending with time, it’s who I am, I move forward despite the things from my past..

My Darkest Hour

I have been where you are, some of the darkest places are in your head when you believe their lies, but now I’m no longer there. I can still hear the words, spoken to me, words meant to bring me down but now I know you were the weaker one. […]