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Only Dreams…

These nights I sleep alone, I’ve always been alone, and sometimes I dream while awake a dream of love found but there only dreams. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

All of these Years

I was thinking about you tonight, memories of you so few But I often think back to that year. I wish I had been stronger, if only I had been honest with myself. The person I am now is the the one I was back then. I think of all […]

Some Random Thoughts

What am I doing with my life? Did I ever really have a plan? I can hear my own doubts like songs in my head. I follow the sun across the empty My thoughts are crowded as I linger on the things that I cannot change. If you ever read […]

This Place I’m in…

I’ve been thinking of these ideas for so long now, Once many years ago I had dreams and a hope for something better But then those bitter moments left me afraid to take chances. Are we alone in this world even when surrounded in a crowded bar? I find it […]

These Darkest Hours

Sometimes I don’t care anymore, late nights alone, wondering why I do anything. These times are tough, things are not getting easier, my days are shorter now and my nights are growing longer especially without you. I could cry myself to sleep, each night alone in my bed, but what […]

Something We Could Do

Sometimes I don’t have the words to say, Sometimes I don’t know what to do, But whatever is between us can always be removed. This room is too tense To waste time with small talk When we have something better to do. Please consider the Following: […]

Empty Things

Summer came and went away, Now it’s time to celebrate, Autumn fills the air With the scents of the Season Of harvest. Autumn is here And we’re going to celebrate, No time to waste on Empty things. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

To the Departed

Tonight I hear the Angels singing, Welcoming you home, Rejoicing as we bid you farewell. I rejoice through my tears As we sing here below Praising Our Lord For the time you were with us But now He’s called you home. Please consider the Following: Podcast: […]


You can’t take my satisfaction, My hope doesn’t come from you, You never knew as much as you thought you knew. Today I make a vow to live out loud, A life worth living, And God only knows How it will end.

A song of Hope

A song comes through the noises of life, Why bring on so much strife into your life When there’s so much to life that’s so so good. I follow the things on my heart, My feet take me where I fear to tread, Places to stand against the evils of […]

Today I Have Hope…

I woke up this morning With a song on my mind, Came through the door To find life has so much more Than mourning and sorrow. I don’t know if I will ever find someone But I’ll live my life in pursuit of love, Living each day with hope ‘Cause […]

Tonight I Remember…

It’s just another day but it’s not the same. It’s never easy saying goodbye. I will always remember you. I can imagine you but it’s not the same. I wonder if you knew what you meant to me. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

Into the Morning

I walk into the morning sun rising to my side, I cannot recall the last time I was not alone. I could imagine walking with someone, our hands would meet but for now I walk into this morning alone. Please consider the Following: Podcast: […]

Times, Gone

I feel it growing while I imagine of being closer to you. In my longing, early hours alone, dreaming I find you again. In these hours, silence all around, I imagine a time now gone. Please consider the Following: Podcast:

These Passions

If this is what we’ve been seeking, longing after, have we been mistaken our entire lives wasted. I stand waiting for things to be better but each day new brings with it new complications. Whatever we follow, the things we find to be our passions, are the things that we […]