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I am suddenly aware of my solitude, just me at my computer so far from anyone else. This is not new to me. I’ve been alone for so long. Amazon Wish List: B&H Wish Lists: Podcast: […]

When Words Fail…

I see the stars. I see the trampoline. I hear your voice in the dark. I feel your skin between my fingers. I think so much of what could have been. I imagine us now if there had been more to us then. I loved you then and maybe I […]

You and My Memories

If I never hear from you I will never miss the words you could have said. I look back in time and memory to when you kissed me. I travel in time if only in memory to relive what we once had. You are now distant but once you were […]

Waiting on Love

The snow falls. It’s cold so I button my coat. I watch the snow drift down. It land and dissolves. It freezes. Snow falling but no snow on the ground. I walk as the flakes surround me. I reach out my arms. They gather like sailors on a ship arriving […]

For a Moment

I wait alone for someone that will never appear. The sky is a blue canvas waiting for clouds. The sun is high in the sky. I pace wondering why I’m here. I walk home alone. Am I desperate? Strangers met online met in a parking lot. Sometimes they are there […]

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I close my eyes. I dream. I open my eyes. I live. In my dreams I live. In my life I dream. Solitude. Waiting. Time passing. I’m alone. I’ve always been alone. I can hear the sounds of the outside sometimes. I imagine being somewhere other than here. I imagine […]

Empty Room

The car sat idle as I imagined going somewhere but I had no intention of going anywhere. I turned the key knowing I could have driven away from here. I could be on the road now heading somewhere far away from her but I’m walking towards the front door with […]

These Days

I lay awake trying to recall a time when I was not on my own. These days I wait for an inspiration but my mind remains blank . These days I feel so low and even when things are good I wonder how long these good feelings will remain. I […]

A Memory of Melrose

A memory dances upon my mind. I sit up, looking around my tiny room. It’s empty. I moved into this room at the back of a building only a few days ago. My clothes are the only thing on the floor beside me. It’s hot. I’m trying to forget how […]

High on Santa Monica Blvd.

All I can think about are the lights across the street and how beautiful they look at the moment. I think I’m having a conversation with a friend but i’m uncertain if I’m the only one speaking. I keep talking afraid to find out I’m rambling. I’m not paranoid. I’m […]


I leave the road for the trail. I’m captivated by the sounds that envelope me as the road becomes a distant memory. I stretch my arms out to either side as I walk. I feel the damp leaves against my fingertips. I smell the scents of nature all around me. […]


Bitter cold greeted me as I became aware that I was no longer in a dream. I move beneath the pile of blankets until I’m warm. For a moment I imagine remaining in my warm bed until it’s not so cold outside. I can feel the pull of dreams keeping […]

A New Year

A slow rain greets me as dreams fade into the early light of a new day. I could remain in bed for a few more hours but I place my feet on the floor and begin my day. It’s a new year and I’m full of hope for the things […]

Alone for the season

I hear the songs of the season as the snow begins falling outside. I’m alone on this December evening. I’m always alone dreaming of not being alone. It’s cold outside as I bury myself beneath a stack of blankets. It’s the time of year to remember how alone I am […]

Secrets: The Search Begins

The wind is cold and damp. I’ve driven for hours to reach this field. After leaving the letter I followed the directions left for me on a note. I drove not knowing if I would find him alive or not. After this our lives will never be the same again.

Secrets: The Envelope

I enter the room as though I already belong in this place I’ve never been. I count things in my head to calm my nerves. The letter only mentioned the place and time. The envelope in my hand is what the kidnapper wanted. I walked into our apartment expecting him […]

In These Moments

I watch the stars at night as the story unfolds in my mind like a map I’ve seen a thousand times. I could hold my breath as the winds of time shift. I can hear the sounds of life, songs of life become my soundtrack. Have you ever been in […]