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Thursday, October 26, 2017

I am back to writing. I am focusing on my writing. I will also do photography and video. These things are my career.   I will have two series of short stories, novellas, whatever you want to call them. More Details to come. There will be a site for each […]


Change is here. Do we fear or do we persevere? Time marches on like an army into battle, war is on, the struggle is here. Time marches on, we move forward, ready for the next victory. Time marches on, we may not always win but we move on from failure. […]

Saturday, October 7, 2017

As I write this is it actually October 8, 2017 Sunday but I was busy today… yesterday… I walked to Times Square. I went to some other places photographing. In the evening I went to a Food Network and Lipton Tea sponsored event, I won the Trip from Lipton. There […]


I stare at the ceiling wondering where all the time went, alone in my bed wondering why I never have a boyfriend… but am I better alone after all…. I climb the walls in my mind, yell at no one when I’m the only one here. I take my time […]


I walk through the open door, shelter from the storm of life, walls and floors surrounding me but your love is all I need. In your embrace I find a peace, you hold me close through it all, you fill me with your love and you plant the seed. Together […]


Take a moment, watch the birds sing in the trees, watch the flowers bloom forgetting the things that bring you down. Linger now, fingers linger, lips find waiting lips, love and passion: life sans hate. Love is what I have for you. Let’s find love together.


I walk from you, leaving it all behind, should I forget I’ll always have the memories. These roads we’re on, parting ways, will someday meet once again. Each day apart, we were destined from the start, but for now you have my heart.


I take a look at the calendar, days marked off in red, enough said about time going by now time to begin living again. A bittersweet pill is life, take it as it is, of stay in bed and dream it all away. I take the slow flow of roaming […]


I wake up to a new day, wondering how I will ever move on and away from the way things were. I wake up to a new day, looking to tomorrow wondering if I will ever go back. I wake up to a new day, each hour full of hope […]

Something Wonderful

Let’s take a look around, what’s happening now? Take a step back from the emotion, raging deep within our skin. I don’t know what you want from me, what these things you do mean, your hands on my hips your lips on mine. Is this love or an obsession? I […]


A long road leads me on, where I’ve been is no longer on my mind, days await me when I will never worry again. I take one step then another, not thinking so much about where I am heading and more about the time spent getting there. A calm fills […]


I wake up, take a look in the mirror, do I really feel this way or is it just a fad that’ll go away. I feel your need, it’s hard but I have what you need, let’s stay in bed forget our regrets and all that was said. Could we […]


Hello again, What did you think of the stars that shine brighter for you? I hear you everyday and every night. I imagine us together, we could be like that everyday. I want to share my everything with you, I want to be with you every hour. We could stay […]


Standing at the edge of the crowd, watching time like butterfly wings spreading out before me in an array of colors, watching and waiting as time goes by… I never wondered why these days were ordered as they were, now I wonder why these days were as they were… Have […]