Open Road

Open road,

cross country,

playlist as my soundtrack,

the beach at the end

the sea at my back,

so many sights,

roadside weird,

on my way West

on Route 66.


I followed my dreams,

found misery along the way,

went not knowing what to do,

left wishing I had done more than I did.



March of time,

second by second,

a day spent drifting

through moments.



Farewell strange friend,

cannot pretend,

too much drama to begin,

to remain.

You said so much,

heard so little,

thought you knew everything

what a strain (you are).


Should I?

Morning song,

bird’s in flight,

sun over mountain tops,

fog drifting away,

so much to say

but should I?


Map laid out

path charted,

route planned,

each detail determined,

dream chaser,

the past left behind,

a future so bright,

so much to consider

so much to remember,

a life changer,

a trip to be,


a time to follow desire

to its conclusion.

Hello, Summer.

Flowers bloom

yellow tower

grass knee high

kite high in sky

Picnic in park

crowds gather

playing games

recounting names

Summer is near

heat rising upward

storm clouds gathering

with promise of rain

Hello, Summer.

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