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Watching the stars at night, full of dreams and longing, alone I watch time slip through my fingers wondering if and when I will not be alone anymore. I imagine camping under the stars, surrounded by trees, in the middle of nature watching the stars together…

True Love

I hear the thunder outside, dark sky illuminated by candle light, train goes through town, I find sleep taking me away. Can you hear me call out for you? Call to you to come to me? I long to linger with you. Dreams fill me, I wish you would fill […]


I stare at the walls and ceiling nothing ever changes, still alone after these many years. The sky outside fills with stars, night is here, and I am still alone after these many nights. I could count the times longing, dreaming of another life, but all that I have are […]

Hope for Love

Hello Saturday, I saw that you were here again so I woke up early to greet you in the morning. I wake up early just to find the silence of being alone again. Can you hear me? I am seeking love but how can you find love when you’re always […]

First Time

Dew collects on the grass in the morning, I lay here dreaming of your touch dreaming of someday when I won’t be alone anymore. I stare at the ceiling, dreams from the night fading into the sun, wondering if I can skip this day and live in that day that […]

Days and Nights

Leaves change, time goes back, cold air greets the day, holiday shows on TV, Thanksgiving is almost here, time to celebrate and forge on with our days. Snow may fall, hills to sled, forts to build, fires and marshmallows, time to wrap gifts for those we love, soon it will […]


I do not know your name, we have not yet met, you will be the one someday to make me want to do nothing more than stay in bed with you. I cannot get you out of my head, these words I said ahead of the time we will be… […]

Love at First Sight

I can hear it in your voice, love is there and it’s loud, you cannot hide behind the lies you once told. I hear myself, love is all I want, but will I allow myself to love that boy? Doors wide open, heart ready to discover what I already knew. […]


Imagined nights, a dance, desire and passion. Arms embrace, hearts race, sans clothing bodies intertwined. Together at last, love found, we are one at last…

In His Arms

Red flowers in green field, new day yields new dreams revealed. Hand in hand we walk, on the avenues of a city far off. We embrace in love, lips part at the slightest touch. Longing fulfilled, these two bodies dance at night. I feel his weight, I want more. Love […]


I follow the road to find a new place for me, giant trees on either side greet me, the road ahead curves again away from where I’ve already been. Send me on my way, down that road my friend, let’s not forget our parting words: a prayer for those days […]

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I am back to writing. I am focusing on my writing. I will also do photography and video. These things are my career.   I will have two series of short stories, novellas, whatever you want to call them. More Details to come. There will be a site for each […]


Change is here. Do we fear or do we persevere? Time marches on like an army into battle, war is on, the struggle is here. Time marches on, we move forward, ready for the next victory. Time marches on, we may not always win but we move on from failure. […]

Saturday, October 7, 2017

As I write this is it actually October 8, 2017 Sunday but I was busy today… yesterday… I walked to Times Square. I went to some other places photographing. In the evening I went to a Food Network and Lipton Tea sponsored event, I won the Trip from Lipton. There […]


I stare at the ceiling wondering where all the time went, alone in my bed wondering why I never have a boyfriend… but am I better alone after all…. I climb the walls in my mind, yell at no one when I’m the only one here. I take my time […]


I walk through the open door, shelter from the storm of life, walls and floors surrounding me but your love is all I need. In your embrace I find a peace, you hold me close through it all, you fill me with your love and you plant the seed. Together […]


Take a moment, watch the birds sing in the trees, watch the flowers bloom forgetting the things that bring you down. Linger now, fingers linger, lips find waiting lips, love and passion: life sans hate. Love is what I have for you. Let’s find love together.