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Wake up in the morning, sun in my eyes, dreams on my head. Take the red to Union, nowhere to go and no place to be, to find something to do. Life in the city, always on the search for the next thing, always on the move without looking back. […]


You are a fantasy, something I imagined so long ago, an alter ego still around when I need you. You are a fantasy, a boy I dream about, a lover I desire but you are not a real boy. You are a fantasy, a place I do not speak about, […]


Cat meowing at me, wants something from me. I hear the sounds around me, so much going on outside so much to see through my window. Take a day to recover, rehearse the words   as you wait for the moment that never arrives. I am here waiting myself, no […]

Doing Well

Watching the trains beneath the streets of Los Angeles, red line, taking my time to NoHo. Feeling the rush of air, soon I’ll be on my way, crowded platform as my music plays in my ears. Sitting next to strangers, strangers on a train, watching the stops go by as […]


Looking up at the ceiling, counting the seconds, moments spent wasting away doing nothing. Dreams fill me but they don’t thrill me like the rush of living. Outside these walls through that door, there is a place full of hope and wonder, there is a place that I desire to […]

The Moment

Crowded room, music loud, everyone dancing but me. Music playing, video on the wall, body against body moving with the rhythm. Cologne, sweat, skin, where do I begin? Follow him wherever, wanting whatever, desire overwhelming, as I follow him to the door. Cannot ignore feelings and emotions, nothing fancy as […]

No Place

Red flowers bloom in a green room in a purple house under a blue sky, dog in window watches cats in green grass, cats chasing butterflies, while grey clouds gather above. Drops or rain fall from above to below and I have no place to go.


Waking alone in the morning sound of rain departing, no place to go so I do not go anywhere, my only motivation the end of another day. Take a look around the surroundings, what is this I am feeling but a moment of awareness waiting to be found in me? […]


Late at night, song in my head repeating again and again like a broken record. Late at night alone with so many thoughts, taking note of everything not wanting to forget ¬†anything. Can I ever overcome the things inside me that keep me from achieving…


Standing alone in the evening, you look so wonderful in the lighting, there’s something that reminds me of why I fell for you the first time. Don’t we look wonderful, in our made up lives, living as though we know everything but all that we’ve been told are lies.

Sun, Lead Me

I follow the sun, each day across, each hour it goes on, and I go with it to where it sets. Time marked as my travel marked, sun goes down as I lay my head down, dreaming of where I shall be when the sun greets me once again. I […]

Future Days

The door is open, open road, no way to leave but no reason to remain. Long are the days, wasting away, spent here in this place waiting for another day. The future is uncertain, hope remains, better days wanted dreams fulfilled desired. Today I imagine tomorrow and beyond, so many […]

The Storm of My Desire

I woke up this morning, dreams still on my head, lingering like the rain. Sat watching out my window, clouds drifting by, thunder announcing the storm going by. Summer day, Summer storm, wind blowing fierce as the storm goes on by. Will I find you in my bed tonight? Or […]

New Day

I wake up everyday, same as the day before, nothing new same routine as before. Ignore the downers, no need for their voice to take my focus away from all that’s possible in this new day.  


Day to day, one drifting into the next, dreams merge with my waking life. Music plays, soundtrack of my days, but my mind drifts away. So much to say but no one to tell, alone am I with my words.