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I feel the wind as we drive down another road I’ve never been on before now. I could laugh with joy or cry with a overwhelming sense of satisfaction that comes from being with you. I hold your hands at night as your body moves against mine. On the open […]


Your skin is soft against my lips. My lips part. My tongue rolls over your nipples. I bite lightly. My fingers move across and down. I press against your hips. I want you to press against me, inside of me, until you fill me with all that you are. I […]


Rage. Music loudly playing. Several cute guys but the place is full of guys I’m not interested in but It doesn’t matter because all I ever do is walk around in silence. I feel invisible though a friend tells me guys are watching me. Why do the cute guys that […]

First Steps

I take a deep breath as I walk out the front door. I’m finally leaving this house after many months of self confinement. I’ve attempted this a few times but the furthest I’ve gone before was touching the door knob. My first steps onto are a struggle. I feel each […]

One Time Inside You

I think I fell asleep inside you. I met you once and I never saw you again. In my bedroom I was behind you. I was tired after a long day. I wish I could have had you again but I lost contact with you. Please continue reading this blog […]

Dream Dreamt This Morning

I had a strange dream this morning. It’s now a jumble of moments remembered. I was in a school and looking at my schedule. I thought in my dream how this school was easier and cheaper than my previous school. I just wasn’t sure what exactly my next classes would […]


I found the place between places. The space beyond other spaces. I go there whenever I need to escape the real places of life. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites:  GoFundMe:  […]

Dead of Night

I followed the stream away from the mountain. The screams from last night still ringing in my head. I stop momentarily to wash the red from my fingertips. The moments from last night flash before me from time to time but I still can’t recall everything that occurred last night. […]

Dream Factory

Alone at the dream factory he sang songs aloud he wrote about the things around his daily life. He wrote songs about the pillow factory next door. He wrote about the birds singing in the trees in the park where he has his lunch when it’s nice outside. In the […]


Okay, I’m just thinking about you watching Netflix. Please continue reading this blog on my Patreon: Please read my writing on my Patreon and these sites:  GoFundMe:  Watch me Live each night on my Youtube: […]

Rainy Day

I hear the sound of rain in the morning. I was dreaming of a thunderstorm. I dreamt of you but we’ve never met. I know your name but you don’t know I exist. I’m in love with a stranger playing characters on the small screen. I’ve seen them on Insta […]


He touched. I moved. His lips parted. My heart started. I feel him. I need him. Fingers. It lingers. Between. A valley parted by sun. Hills grasped as seed planted. Skin against skin. Lips pressed against lips. A battle of tongues in-between. This but a dream imagined again and again. […]


I stand in front of the window watching the world moving forward as I am an observer of life and not a participant. I take detailed notes. I take measurements of any and all things that could be measured. I write in a journal my observations of life outside my […]

The Road to Nowhere

The fog was milky. The lights from the cars only heightened the mystery of why so many cars had stopped on this isolated stretch of highway. I’m in the backseat trying to use my phone but there hasn’t been any signal since we left the small town miles and hours […]


Dream. Alarm. Awake. I shake the dreams from my mind as I rewind the events of yesterday. I’ve got nothing on but a tiny hat with a spinning top and I look around to find I’m out of place. A guy stirs in his sleep next to me. I feel […]

The Book

I’ve seen the book before sitting on the far back shelf of the library. I’ve seen the title and the dusty spine of a book completely ignored by all but me. I noticed it and removed it from the shelf on the one day I was not in the mood […]