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The Road to Nowhere

The fog was milky. The lights from the cars only heightened the mystery of why so many cars had stopped on this isolated stretch of highway. I’m in the backseat trying to use my phone but there hasn’t been any signal since we left the small town miles and hours […]


Dream. Alarm. Awake. I shake the dreams from my mind as I rewind the events of yesterday. I’ve got nothing on but a tiny hat with a spinning top and I look around to find I’m out of place. A guy stirs in his sleep next to me. I feel […]

The Book

I’ve seen the book before sitting on the far back shelf of the library. I’ve seen the title and the dusty spine of a book completely ignored by all but me. I noticed it and removed it from the shelf on the one day I was not in the mood […]


I find shelter from the storm. In his arms I find I forget my troubles. Late nights on Greyhound watching the next city appear on the horizon. Drifting to sleep as the bus pulls out again. Into the darkness I peer into the vast empty of countryside. A house with […]

A Place of Fantasy

Giants in the clouds, mine trolls b beneath the ground, and water trolls under bridges. Sunflowers as giant as cars and elephants the size of cats and dogs. A city in the sky, a river beneath the ground, and mountains all around with towers and castles guarding sacred passes through […]


Stacks of books create the walls of a fort with blankets forming a canvas above. We crawl through. We find ourselves in the middle of the day alone together. We lay together on our backs as we laugh at our efforts surrounding us. Your fingers linger above my chest. I […]

Touching Hands

I begin wondering how I will make it through this hour. The pages open before me now with questions I’m beginning to doubt whether or not I know the answers. My friend gave me the correct answers just prior to the start but my heart skips a beat each time […]

Dreams Begin

I stare out into the empty of my back yard. I hear the wind blowing at the edges of the window as though it’s a whisper. A conversation in my mind. I’m standing, at this hour of night, in my small kitchen because I can’t sleep. I live alone so […]